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Refreshing, one clear low price

€ 5 per kamer per maand

Eén duidelijke lage prijs voor elk hotel, gebruik onze cloud-based PMS en channel manager voor slechts € 5, - per kamer per maand. Je krijgt alles wat je nodig hebt om jouw hotel te runnen. Boek een demo om te zien hoe HotelConnect je kan helpen bij het runnen van jouw hotel.

100% cloud PMS
Channel manager inbegrepen


Betalingen met één klik
Schoonmaak beheer

Meerdere hotels
Geavanceerde rapporten

Eigen accountmanager

Chat-, telefoon- en e-mail klantenservice

Onbeperkt aantal kanalen
Onbeperkt aantal verbindingen
Onbeperkt aantal gebruikers

Onbeperkte klantenservice

  • Are there any additional fees/commissions that I should be aware of?
    No, there are no setup fees, training fees or commission. We even offer a switch-service where we will make sure that all booking from your current PMS will be transferred to HotelConnect, free of charge!
  • Is there a trial period?
    Once you have received a demo from one of our local market manager, you have the option to test a demo account.
  • Are there additional costs per channel/connection?
    Nope! You can add as many channels or connections to the system. Connect to as many OTA's, upselling tools, revenue management systems, accounting system and POS systems as you like, free of charge.
  • Do I need a seperate channel manager?
    No, HotelConnect is an all-in-one solution. We can connect your hotel to, Expedia and any other channel you need. However if you prefer to keep using your current channel manager that is possible as well.
  • Are there additional costs per users?
    Nope! You can add as many users to the system, each with different roles and permissions.
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