5 Reasons to switch to HotelConnect PMS

1. Connect with your favorite channels & apps

2. Save time by automating operations

3. Easy to use, no training needed

4. Support when you need it

5. Save money, no setup fee

1. Connect with your favorite channels & apps

Made to connect to anyone you want to connect with. Any online travel agent, up-selling tool, revenue management system. You name it and we connect, the possibilities are endless.

2. Save time by automating operations

All your bookings in one place, rooms numbers assigned, credit-cards authorized and guests that check-in online. All of that can be fully automatic with HotelConnect, so you can focus on the most important thing, making your guests happy.

Marieke Steenman

Reservations Manager

Zoo hotel, Amsterdam

I love that HotelConnect is an all-in-one solution so there's no need to get one company to handle the booking engine, one for the channel manager, one for PMS. HotelConnect has it all.

Brian Hall

Hotel Manager

Quentin hotel, Prague

Very friendly and easy hotel software for beginners to professionals. Its accessibility and variety of modules make it suitable for each department in the hotel to operate in an automatic working environment.

Melanie Sneider

Front Office Manager

Design hotel, Berlin

The look is simple, but it can do everything. Drag and drop reservations from room to room. Edit pricing in seconds. Need client info for a checkout? It's in front of your eyes in seconds. 

3. Easy to use,
no training needed

Ridiculously easy and fast, just as you like it. Changing rooms with an easy drag & drop, create a new booking with a few clicks or check-in a guest under a minute. Managing your hotels was never this easy with our 100% cloud based PMS. You can still get a free online training off course.

4. Support
when you need it

Have a question? We are here to help! We are not simply selling you a piece of technology, we are selling you a better way to manage your hotel and good support is part of it.


Have all your numbers at your fingertips with our advanced reports.


No more charge-backs with our payment link. Charge credit-cards with one click.

mobile app

Run your hotel on the go with our mobile app for iPhone and Android.


Easy communication between your hotel team, from reception to housekeeping.

5. Save money,
no setup fee

No setup fee, you only pay a low monthly fee of €5 per room. This includes absolutely everything (PMS + Channel Manager), so what are you waiting for? Book a free demo today and see how HotelConnect can help your hotel!

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

€5 per room per month, there are no setup fees, training fees or commission. This includes everything, our PMS, our channel manager, unlimited connections, unlimited users, absolutely everything. Have a 30-room hotel? You will just pay €150 per month.

Is there a trail period?

Yes. Once you have received a demo from one of our local market manager, you have the option to test a demo account.

Do I need a seperate channel manager?

No, HotelConnect is an all-in-one solution. We can connect your hotel to, Expedia and any other channel you need. However if you prefer to keep using your current channel manager that is possible as well.

Can I use it on any device, like a phone?

Yes, absolutelly. HotelConnect is fully responsive, which means that you can use it on any device. We even have a mobile app for iPhone and Android phones.

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