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The hotel system of the future

HotelConnect is designed to simplify and automate all operations for modern hoteliers and their guests. From the booking engine to check-out, from front desk to revenue management, every process is easier, faster and more connected.

  • 100% cloud based PMS

  • Built-in channel manager

  • Drag & drop calendar

  • Automate payments

  • Phone & chat support

Built for hoteliers

HotelConnect was founded by a team of former hoteliers who believe the hospitality industry needs a technology revolution. From day one, the HotelConnect system was designed to be the most open, user friendly and complete system in the market. Our customers use HotelConnect to create more remarkable experiences and more profitable businesses.

We help over 1,000 hotels...

Save an

average of


Hours weekly

Boost Their

Revenue by



Save an average of


Annually on hotel software

Save time

Super easy and fast, just as you like it. Changing rooms with an easy drag & drop or create a new booking with a few clicks. Assign rooms numbers automatically, charge credit-cards and let guests check-in online.

Boost your revenue

Connect to anyone, any online travel agent, travel wholesaler or tour operator. Connect to up-selling tools, revenue management systems and increase your revenue. You name it and we connect, the possibilities are endless.

Marieke Steenman

Reservations Manager

Zoo hotel, Amsterdam

I love that HotelConnect is an all-in-one solution so there's no need to get one company to handle the booking engine, one for the channel manager, one for PMS. HotelConnect has it all.

Brian Hall

Hotel Manager

Quentin hotel, Prague

Very friendly and easy hotel software for beginners to professionals. Its accessibility and variety of modules make it suitable for each department in the hotel to operate in an automatic working environment.

Melanie Sneider

Front Office Manager

Design hotel, Berlin

The look is simple, but it can do everything. Drag and drop reservations from room to room. Edit pricing in seconds. Need client info for a checkout? It's in front of your eyes in seconds. 

Save money

Hotel technology does not have to be expensive, why pay more? HotelConnect offers an all-in-one system, property management, channel management and booking engine, for a fair price of just £ 5 per room per month. This includes our friendly phone and chat support.


Have all your numbers at your fingertips with our advanced reports.


No more charge-backs with our payment link. Charge credit-cards with one click.

mobile app

Run your hotel on the go with our mobile app for iPhone and Android.


Easy communication between your hotel team, from reception to housekeeping.

  • Are there any additional fees/commissions that I should be aware of?
    No, there are no setup fees, training fees or commission. We even offer a switch-service where we will make sure that all booking from your current PMS will be transferred to HotelConnect, free of charge!
  • Is there a trial period?
    Once you have received a demo from one of our local market manager, you have the option to test a demo account.
  • Are there additional costs per channel/connection?
    Nope! You can add as many channels or connections to the system. Connect to as many OTA's, upselling tools, revenue management systems, accounting system and POS systems as you like, free of charge.
  • Do I need a seperate channel manager?
    No, HotelConnect is an all-in-one solution. We can connect your hotel to, Expedia and any other channel you need. However if you prefer to keep using your current channel manager that is possible as well.
  • Are there additional costs per users?
    Nope! You can add as many users to the system, each with different roles and permissions.
Jonatan Tsuff

Jonatan Tsuff

HotelConnect Team

HotelConnect Team

Phone & Email

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Innstant Hotel Connect Ltd

Chase House, Nothern Cross

D17AK63, Dublin 17


+353 1 437 0079

Company nr 662588

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