Innovative hotel solution

HotelConnect is an innovative hotel solution of Innstant Connect, created together with hoteliers in 2013. A simple idea; helping independent hotels attract more guests with a perfect combination of technology and service. Too many companies where focusing either on technology or service and therefore not maximizing their value to hoteliers, we proved that it is much better combining the two. A user-friendly and super smart system together with our contracting and support team who all have travel industry experience, a great combination! We are there for the independent hotel, not only for the high season, but to improve the hotel performance the whole year, every year.

Dedicated group of industry professionals

The HotelConnect team is a fun and dedicated group of industry professionals with only one goal, getting more bookings for our partner hotels. Most of us are former hoteliers or worked for an OTA, so we know this fun industry inside out. We love to share this knowledge with our customers and use it to give them a competitive advantage.

Over 20 years of experience

Innstant Connect is part of the Innstant Group, which has over 20 years of experience in hospitality related systems, such as booking sites and travel agency platforms. Always looking for new ways to innovate the travel industry. Other companies within the group are Innstant Travel, our wholesale division powering a state of the art booking engine which empowers the travel professionals to stay ahead of their competition, and, the most fun way for anyone to book their hotel accommodation.