Helping independent hotels, ​one booking at a time.

Need more bookings? Want more guests to book directly? Prefer to spend more time talking to your guests instead of OTA’s? We can help with some smart tools and our great team.

Help when you need it

A dedicated account manager who helps you run promotions, negotiate with OTA’s and boost your direct sales. Any problem, we’re just a phone call away.

More Bookings, Guaranteed

HotelConnect gets you more bookings, otherwise it’s completely free! We’re proud to be the only one to offer this unique guarantee.

Always with you

Available wherever you are, on desktop, laptop, tablet and phone. Located on multiple servers worldwide, your data is safe & secure with us.

A user-friendly and super smart system

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Be in control of your hotel

It’s paid (from another company). No more spreadsheets and logging into multiple extranets of different OTA’s. All of your sales information in one place. Unlike other Channel Managers we connect all your hotel data to the booking channels, including promotions, pictures and descriptions.

  • 1 login for everything
  • Connects to any PMS
  • Distribute price, availability & content

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Hotel Website

Adding your hotel website directly on all major meta-search websites such as Trivago and TripAdvisor, let guests go to your website instead of Expedia.​

  • Connect to all meta-search sites
  • Get more people on your website
  • Safe on commission

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The easiest way to manage your bookings

One place to keep an eye on what’s happening in your hotel. Move, modify, cancel or create bookings, all with just a few clicks. ​An easy to use and smart Hotel Property Management System.
  • Check-in guests with one click
  • Quickly create bookings
  • Simple housekeeping management

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100+ hotels use HotelConnect including: